Peter Humberd – Filmmaker and Philanthropist

Filmmaking is a creative field. With a fresh perspective and open minded nature filmmakers set on exploring new concepts to bring life to their vision. Innovation and integrity to the concept make a filmmaker great. Peter Humberd brings such qualities to the set with him. He is a live example of rags to red carpet story. Enduring many difficulties on his way Peter Humberd raised the bar in filmmaking with his relentless hard work and dedication into making unconventional movies.

Early life:

Born and brought up in a middle-class family, he worked hard throughout his student life to earn good grades and achieved best results. Later joined in film school to satisfy his curious mind and love for arts. His creative skills are polished during that stage and set a solid foundation for his career. With inspiration and thirst for knowledge, he climbed up the ladder in his professional life setting a place for him in the industry with consistent quality work.

Driving force:

To stay positive irrespective of the hardships faced brings out the best in any individual. Peter Humberd finds his creativeness in daily life circumstances. His past has been a motivating force for him to continue making films with a lot of character and emotion. He understands the difference between innovation and originality and creates films. Drawing energy from his early life struggles (his family is a refugee from Petabina) he set upon creating a memorable journey into films without prior connections to anyone in the industry.

Most of his filmmaking revolves around Portland as he likes to work in familiar space. Greatness comes with repeated blows and life lessons taught on mistakes. With discipline and dedication towards his work, he strives to achieve perfection in every frame. With over 20 years of experience, he has built a space for himself in industry for making unconventional films and breaking the traditional mark. He earned a lot of praise for his good nature and good work. Remembering his childhood Peter Humberd indulges himself in social work to help the people in need around him.